Student Organizations in Texas

There are a wide range of student organizations in Texas with a variety of aims and membership requirements:

1. Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)

A nationwide organization that brings college students, faculty and staff together to work towards a cancer-free society through educational programs and raising funds for programs and research, more than a dozen colleges in Texas have CAC chapters. Hundreds of thousands of members work to advance the work of the parent organization, the American Cancer Society, by educating their peers, creating smoke-free areas around the campus and organizing Relay for Life events. The first fund raising relay event was held in 1986 and raised $33,000 for the ACS. Today, nation-wide events generate millions of dollars for the organization.

2. Texas Lassos

A service organization at the University of Texas at Austin, this all female group of more than 80 members promotes service, spirit and social activities around the university and community. The group was founded in 1998 with only seven members and throughout the years they have produced a large group of alumni. The diverse group of women serve others through charity work with organizations such as Divine Canines, CNC Rescue, City Wide Hold Up and Habitat for Humanity. Members commit to completing a minimum of 15 hours of service work each semester.

3. AID Austin

Since 1991 Aid Austin has been helping improve the living, working and health care conditions in rural India through dedicated volunteers. The group believes in a holistic approach to solving problems such as illiteracy, women's empowerment, vocational training and rural development and use donations to support approved projects that help to further the organization's mission. In addition to weekly, on-campus meetings, there are two full-time workers and dozens of volunteers overseeing the work in India.

4. Texas Tech Collegiate 4-H

Traditionally known as a youth organization, 4-H doesn't end at age 19 for college students involved in a collegiate program. Since 1916, college students have been enjoying the chance to further the mission of the nation-wide organization and help young people get the most out of their 4-H careers. In 1971 the national board officially created the National Collegiate 4-H Organization. Members, even those who weren't past youth members, focus on giving back to the community and encouraging the next generation. Each month members participate in leadership and service projects in carrying out the organization's mission of making the best better. Fund raising projects are done to help members attend the National Collegiate 4-H Conference and to give a scholarship to a graduating senior each year. The organization is open to anyone regardless of past experience or their college major.

5. Leaders in Creativity

Since 2005, Leaders in Creativity organization at Texas A&M University has been helping fellow students stimulate and enhance their creative thinking skills. Being able to apply creative thinking skills helps students solve problems, explore various options, develop tolerance of differing world views and otherwise face a rapidly changing world.

6. Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

Founded in 1922, the SCEC at Texas A&M is part of an larger, international professional organization that works to improve the education and success of exceptional students. Learning how to best educate others about special education, for both individuals with disabilities and those who are gifted, and the importance of such programs in the schools is the focus of the group. Guest speakers often attend bi-monthly meetings and members routinely volunteer in local schools' special education classrooms, participate in community events and help to raise funds for the organization.

7. The Finance Association

This Texas Tech student organization helps members gain professional knowledge of the financial industry though a variety of activities so that they can improve their business skills and better prepare for entering the job market. Members participate in professional meetings that invite a variety of guest speakers such as bank presidents and successful business members. Several recruiting trips are held so that members can travel to unique experiences and network with a variety of people. As a way to hone their speaking and social skills, they host social events each semester. The group also gives back to the university and community by volunteering. The group is open to all interested students, not just finance and business majors.