Educational Foundations in Texas

There are a number of educational foundations established in Texas aiming to raise awareness of educational issues within the state such as the Greater Texas Foundation.

For more than 30 years the Greater Texas Foundation has been serving the academic institutions of Texas by funding programs, raising awareness of educational issues and supporting programs that increase post-secondary enrollment. Among their main areas of focus are math and science education, helping students who may encounter barriers in their educational success and working in partnership with other state and national organizations to meet their goals.

The organization, then called Greater Texas Student Loan Corporation, started in 1980 as a way to provide financial assistance to students seeking post-secondary education. They worked to raise funds and encourage corporations and financial institutions to participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). In 2001 they expanded the program and created what is now the Greater Texas Foundation and the loan portion became LoanSTAR Systems, Inc., a for-profit subsidiary of the organization. The Greater Texas Foundation sold its stock in LoanSTAR in 2005 and began to look at ways to better achieve their goals with their increased amount of assets. At this time they took a greater interest helping to improve education in math, science, engineering and technological fields, areas in which both the state and the nation are lagging behind.

Between 2005 and 2008, the group expanded their personnel team, made their website more user-friendly and added both their first executive director and grants manager. They also gave out 237 grants totalling more than $21 million in areas of helping under-served students, programs dedicated to advancing math and science education and improved curriculum. Further reflection was done in 2009 when they undertook a six-month study to look at and improve the organization's mission, vision, internal operations and funding principles. They laid out a five year plan to further their support of all Texas students to make sure they are prepared for, have access to and complete a program of education following their high school graduation.

Contact Information:
Greater Texas Foundation
6100 Foundation Place Drive
Bryan, Texas 77807
(979) 779-6100